Monette De Botton

Omnette, LLC Owner and Creative Director Monette De Botton

A documentary film producer and chronic pain wellness coach based in New York, New York, Monette De Botton operates Omnette, LLC. Through this company, she draws upon her own recovery from a failed back surgery coupled with extensive research to help individuals manage their own chronic pain symptoms. Also a proponent of psychedelics and meditation, Monette De Botton co-produced Descending the Mountain, a documentary that explores the nature of consciousness and highlights the healing potential of the magic mushroom psychoactive compound psilocybin.

Ms. De Botton is also an advanced astrologer who trademarked the term "nataldestinology" to describe how an individual's natal chart, as opposed to their astrology sign, can serve as a road map for their life and even help diagnose illness. She also has a background in interior design and previously worked with Life Design in Geneva, Switzerland, and Brod in New York City. She has additional experience in public relations with Swiss Ski Safari.

Monette De Botton holds a master's in criminal justice and a bachelor's in art history. A proponent of freedom and equality for all, she supports a range of nonprofits including JDC and the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children. Her extracurricular interests include spending time in nature, meditating, and reading nonfiction works about history.

Monette De Botton

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Monette De Botton
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